Buffalo Chicken Pizza/Sparky’s Style

This recipe is made to fit in a 17x12x1inch deep cookie sheet pan.

1 Jar Sparky Sauce
1 box Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit
2 Chicken Breasts depending on size or number of pizzas made.
1 large package Shredded Colby jack and Monterrey Cheese(Goes great with pizza, trust me)
Ground Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Cook chicken:
First off begin preparation of the chicken. I like to slow roast mine in a crockpot, but you can also boil if you lack time. I prefer the slow roast because it comes out more tender.

Prepare Dough:
When the chicken is close to being done mix the dough both packages from the Chef Boyardee pizza kit. Drizzle it slightly with olive oil(slightly), cover and let sit for time recommended.

Shred Chicken:
Take chicken out of crockpot or pot it’s boiling in, and shred it as much as possible. Again, using a crockpot makes this much easier and tastier in my opinion.

Preheat oven to 385degrees

Take cookie sheet and lightly brush it with Olive oil.

Take out dough, roll it out on to cookie sheet, making sure the edges stick up above the rest of the dough.
Poke holes with fork.
LIGHTLY brush olive oil on top of dough and edge crusts.

Now spread Sparkys sauce on top of dough, get a pretty decent layer, just not TOO thick. Remember you can always dip your pizza into more!!

Take chicken and spread it all over the pizza, inch by inch. This should use most of your chicken, if not all.

Then take Colby and Moterrey Jack cheese, and put it on top of chicken, make it heavy, as it will melt and settle amongst the chicken. This helps to keep everything together nice and tight.

Sprinkle Ground Pepper on top for extra flavor.

Put in oven for about 15 min. or until cheese is golden, lighty brown, and dough crust is brownish.

Take it out, and let it sit for about 10 min or so. It will need a little time to cool and form together.

From there cut up and serve. Serve with ranch, or even Blue Cheese, or some more Sparky’s. ENJOY!!! Best pizza I’ve ever had.

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