Slaw Burgers

Our favorite Burger Recipe:

Mix two pounds of lean hamburger with one half cup of Sparky Fire Sauce (adjust to taste), one half cup of finely chopped onion, and let it sit together for at least an couple hours (we like having it sit overnight so the flavors really blend). Before grilling, salt to taste and then grill to desired doneness. We make BIG burgers with this recipe, typically five burgers out of the two pounds of meat.

Toast ciabatta buns, bottoms with butter, tops plain (will spread mayo when assembling burgers). Saute fresh, sliced mushrooms. Buy or prepare a well-seasoned cole slaw.

Top burgers with pepperjack cheese, then mushrooms, then coleslaw.

Optional – pretty darn good with a couple of pieces of pepper smoked bacon on top the slaw portion!

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